What is the pressing process of sapphire substrate lapping machine

Due to the fracture of the connecting bolt of the stretching rod, the flange surface of the stretching rod is uneven, and the surface of the press head of the hydraulic plate of the sapphire substrate grinder is not smooth enough. In this way, the stress of the bolt is not uniform, and the bolt may be bent. The stress of the fastening bolt is not uniform, and the bolt with large force can withstand the load during the operation It is easy to break. Therefore, the connecting flange should be replaced in time when it is not smooth, and the hardness and strength of the material are relatively high. The use of the hydraulic wrench when tightening the bolts should be correct. The tightening sequence of tension rod bolt should be carried out in three times, the first time to 540 bar, the second time to 720 bar, the third time to 960 bar. The compound function mold polishing machine refers to the combination of ultrasonic polishing and other common mold processing technology, which is a complex ultrasonic mold polishing machine. It is a necessary and convenient tool for mold surface treatment practitioners.
The sapphire substrate grinder is the same size as the disc. The speed of the grinding plate on the equipment can reach 60rmp, the inner diameter is 310mm, the thickness is about 15mm, the outer diameter of the correction wheel is 410mm, the inner diameter is 360mm, and three correction wheels are required; the processing size should be less than 333mm, and larger model is needed if the data is larger than this data; motor power: 7.5kW, 380V, 3-phase; the maximum pressure of cylinder is 200kg, 3 cylinders.

How to save the last working procedure of surface polishing machine

Usually, when using the plane polishing machine, people pay more attention to the polishing process and effect, but pay little attention to the cleaning and preservation of the workpiece after polishing. When people encounter problems after preservation, they think of solving them like this. However, at that time, it has caused damage to the workpiece and damage to the company's interests. In fact, the workpiece polished on the plane polishing machine needs not only careful cleaning, but also complete preservation. How can we preserve it completely and effectively? Take sapphire or mobile phone glass as an example. After the last polishing process is completed, it is usually recommended to wrap the whole piece of sapphire or mobile phone glass with dust-free cloth, and then store it in a whole box. Why use dust-free cloth? Because ordinary cloth material is rough, with dust and other particles on the surface, it is easy to scratch the polished mirror surface. The dust-free cloth is different, it is made of special cloth, the surface is dust-free, without any particles, so it is very safe to wrap it up and have a slight collision when packing. This is the fundamental reason why dust-free cloth is specified.

A brief introduction to the process of machining workpiece mirror surface by surface polishing machine

The surface of the workpiece is mirror surface by plane polishing machine, which is not the last polishing process, but the pre-processing of rough grinding, semi-fine grinding, fine grinding and other processes. The lower the requirement of surface roughness value, the more pre grinding process will be before polishing by plane polishing machine, and the reduction of surface roughness value is gradual, with coarse abrasive grains, strong cutting ability, high grinding efficiency and low surface quality. The plane polishing machine has the advantages of fine grain, weak cutting ability, low grinding efficiency and high surface quality. Therefore, in order to improve the grinding efficiency, the abrasive size should be selected from coarse to fine, graded grinding, and finally to the required surface roughness value of the workpiece.

Adding frequency conversion technology to internal motor of mirror polishing machine

With the continuous development of mirror polishing machine industry, the all-round development of automatic polishing machine has been pushed forward. China's integration with the world has forced the quality of polishing machine to be continuously improved, and the requirements of automation are becoming more and more prosperous. Mirror polishing machine has become the most popular product.
The motor designed by frequency converter is a special motor for frequency conversion. The motor can realize different speed and torque under the drive of frequency converter to adapt to the change of load demand. Polishing machine and drawing machine use common AC motor with frequency converter to adjust spindle speed and reduce starting current.
However, the maximum speed of ordinary AC motor can only reach 2800 rpm. The dynamic balance of plastic gear is good, and the sand cloth wire is evenly fixed on it, which will not affect the dynamic balance of plastic gear. When higher speed is needed and the speed needs to be adjusted at any time, the frequency conversion motor can be used. The frequency converter is better equipped with frequency conversion motor, not just forced cooling, Including the stator and rotor coils are different, in order to better adapt to the frequency converter response and dynamic efficiency. The efficiency of mirror polishing machine is 7-8 times higher than that of manual operation. " According to reports, mechanical operation is not only highly efficient, but also because of its multi angle rotation, even the dead corner of manual polishing is "nowhere to escape". The mirror polishing machine process is more standardized and accurate, so these big guys "are mainly used for the production of high-end products".

Humidification effect of humidity sensor in wafer polishing machine

Humidification effect of humidity sensor in wafer polishing machine
In order to ensure the humidification effect of silicon wafer polishing machine, the original water injection humidification was changed to atomization humidification. The humidification method of domestic small and medium-sized polishing machine is water injection type. Because the amount of humidification of polishing machine is not large, this way is easy to cause non-uniformity of humidification, and then affect the quality of polishing. Water injection by atomization basically eliminates the non-uniformity of humidification, which can greatly improve the polishing effect. The atomization of water is realized by high frequency vibration, which can be easily purchased in the market.
After the wafer polishing machine is turned on, the workpiece is poured into the polishing barrel from less to more. The number of the workpiece has a close relationship with the weight and the shape of the workpiece. Therefore, the workpiece is slowly put in to increase, and the rotation of the inverted workpiece slows down. However, the workpiece can not be stationary. When the workpiece does not rotate, the polishing fluid will be uneven and the polishing time will be lengthened unnecessarily.
We choose the humidity sensor of wafer polishing machine. This sensor integrates sensing and transmitting. It has small volume and weight, moderate price and easy installation. Another channel of the sensor output standard voltage signal is converted into digital signal after sampling by single chip microcomputer, and then the opening and closing of humidification solenoid valve is controlled by comparing with the set humidity value. The application of this method avoids the complexity of the system and ensures the reliability and control accuracy of the system.

Man machine intelligence of polishing China control system

Man machine intelligence of polishing China control system
The core diameter of single-mode fiber and multimode fiber are 5-15 μ m and 40-100 μ m respectively, and the cladding diameter is about 125-600 μ M. The ideal state of the treated fiber end face is a smooth plane. However, in practice, the processing of optical fiber end face often can not reach the ideal state, for example, the polishing is not ideal, there are scratches, broken surface or edge damage and so on, which will make the end face complex. For the coupling of fiber and other components in laser and the fusion between optical fibers, it is required that the fiber end must have a smooth surface, otherwise the loss will increase.
The control system of polishing China takes PLC as the control core, and the text display is the control mode of man-machine dialogue interface. The man-machine dialogue interface can talk with people on the equipment maintenance, operation, fault and other information; the operation interface is intuitive and convenient, with program control and simple operation. Considering all aspects of safety, misoperation in abnormal state is invalid. Real time monitoring, fault and error alarm, convenient maintenance. The results show that the processing effect of acrylic bar and acrylic plate is achieved by cutting the surface of acrylic bar and acrylic plate (without cloth wheel polishing after diamond polishing); the surface luster is crystal clear (which can provide a good polishing sample), and the surface precision cutting can achieve the mirror effect, and the light transmittance (such as plexiglass, acrylic, light guide plate, crystal block) can achieve the effect of surface polishing, and the traditional polishing process is omitted( Such as cloth wheel polishing, flame polishing, etc.), a polishing China machine can save 10-20 traditional manpower.

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